dad holds baby for the first time
mom and dad kiss while holding new baby
new mom laughs
baby hands
baby holds dads hand after recieving oxygen
wrinkled baby face
fresh 48
dad hold newborn while mom delivers placenta
newborn cut the cord at the hospital
dad kissing moms belly
newborn sees mom
newborn footprint ink
c section delivery newborn




mom talking to newborn
mom happy to meet her newborn
mom looks at rainbow baby and has memorial tattoo
tiny wrinkled baby fingers
mom touches newborns ear
clear curtain c section CS mom meets baby
baby feet at birthing center
fresh 48 mom and dad kiss newborn baby
newborn baby stares into moms eyes
grandpa holds newborn feet
newborn profile baby lifestyle session at home

I am in awe every time I have the priveledge to

witness a baby's first breaths,

hear a baby's first cries,

and watch a baby nuzzle gently

onto their mother's chest.

You can never get those moments back.

But they can live on forever through video.