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What is the philosophy/approach of These Forever Moments?

TFM thinks it's important to vibe well with the couples who select us. Our favorite collaborations come from adventurous couples who aren't afraid to step out of the box with creative ideas, an open mind, a loving heart, and a unique personality. 

Our clients are fierce, poised, and loyal. Fun and unique. They love deeply, adventure wholeheartedly, value authentic connections, and are madly in love. They balance each other's passions. They appreciate the little moments and want to remember their real wedding experience.

These Forever Moments believes that the best wedding films tell a story by showing the full day's excitement and raw emotion. The goal is to stay behind the lens as much as possible during your big day to capture the pure love, joy, tears, laughter, jokes, celebrations, and candid moments as they happen. We like to record the sweet nothings that are exchanged, the sounds, the feelings...  all of the moments and emotions that should live on forever.

Putting it simply, TFM wants you to experience your day as naturally as possible. We come super prepared (extra cameras, lenses, audio recorders, batteries, memory cards, lights, rain equipment) so no matter what happens, we have your back. We invest in the extras to be prepared for you, so that you don't have to micromanage issues shall they arise. We only accept one wedding per week (covid-19 may impact these policies) and a limited number of weddings per season. Why? Because your experience is important to us, our family is important to us, and we have built this business to be here for the long haul. Quality matters and exclusivity is how we achieve that. 

Is TFM your ideal fit? Read more about the owner and lead videographer, Kristen here.

What makes These Forever Moments special?

  • Wedding Filmmaking is our Full Time job. This is it for us! And we pour our heart into learning, creating, and obsessing over wedding films, specifically. Our equipment is made for this. Our attention is devoted to this. We are wedding filmmakers.

  • A personalized experience. We don't want to take over the world and film every wedding that comes to us. Instead, we want to serve our clients on a deeper level. Kristen will be by your side from the first inquiry to the final delivery. There is zero mystery as to who will share your intimate day with you or what their work might look like compared to the featured video portfolio. With These Forever Moments you always get Kristen as your lead videographer. It's a big day and you deserve someone you trust. Kristen takes care of editing too because no other editor can possibly know the couples like she does. 

  • Audio. These Forever Moments loves creating Wedding Films which incorporate the sounds from throughout your wedding day into the film. This makes a big difference. Your own audio/sounds are intertwined throughout your film to give you all the feels. Using audio from your day takes quite a bit of extra editing time but it is totally worth going the extra mile to personalize your film. TFM also enjoys using your personal audio throughout the entire film. We like music videos, but your wedding is more than just a music video montage. It's a story with audio being the subtle but important narrator. 

  • Subject matter. With TFM your story will have more depth and allure by featuring your less staged moments and interactions, whenever possible. You should be allowed to have a real and genuine experience on your wedding day... because those are the feelings you will want to look back on in 50 years. 

What actually is a Wedding Film?

A wedding film is a fully edited cinematic styled film depicting your day's most important moments. Your wedding video will give a beautiful representation of your day without requiring you to spend hours re-watching it. It will be creatively edited to incorporate your own audio clips as well as licensed background music which is chosen specifically to take you on an emotional journey.

How is the music chosen?

Music is pivotal in telling a story effectively. For this reason, TFM asks for full creative control. Additionally, only licensed songs are able to be used, due to legal issues. Illegal use of music in a wedding film can result in steep fines and the inability to make duplicate copies or post to social media. The costs of our music licensing is included in all of the packages so that you never have to worry.

Do you carry insurance and are you a licensed business?


Do you work well with photographers?

Yes! I aim to friendly collaborate with any vendor who I am working alongside. I will reach out to your photographer ahead of time to introduce myself and always make every effort to work with them to maximize your wedding day schedule. Your happiness is my priority and I want you to have both fantastic photos and video! I'd be happy to refer you to some amazing photographers that I have loved working with in the past. 

Will you travel?

Of course.​ Road trips are the best! Bribe me with chocolate and pretty scenery and I'll go just about anywhere!

How can we reserve our date with These Forever Moments?!

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