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I'm Kristen!



To say I love the outdoors is a bit of an understatement. If I could float down a river or sunbathe at the lake every day, I would. I'm a plant collector and rain or shine I'm either working or playing in the yard (we have over 50 edible plants out there). I obsess over planning vacations and always make sure our family trips are full of local restaurants, native fruits, culture, and natural attractions (a recent vacation was in a remote, open air, off-grid, Hawaiian jungle hut). I've hiked up and down a 5 mile mountain trail with a baby on my back, forged The Narrows at Zion in the rain while sick with bronchitis, and jumped in a cenote in my wedding dress. So when I say adventure, I mean it! Taylor Swift, The Bachelor, and Big Brother are my guilty pleasures - so if you are into that too, let's grab an extra margarita and hang out. I'm a vegetarian who dislikes single use plastics, I dream of building a net-zero house, and I love 2nd hand thrifting. Geocaching is my jam because I love solving puzzles and doing it outdoors is even better! My hobby is home renovation (to my husbands dismay), and wish I could brunch daily (savory breakfast and mimosas anyone?!). Call me cliché but my motto is to really enjoy life, really enjoy experiences, and to try to leave some sort of positive impact along the way. 



My husband and I met though my best friend. While he was initially too nervous to talk to me, we started dating and just a year later we were married on a beach in Mexico underneath a downpour  of rain during a Tropical Storm. Together we share a full household with our son, 3 dogs, and cat. 


I have formal training in the arts and photography but prior to starting this business, I worked in the corporate world of compliance management. 


I want you to sit back and enjoy every moment. I'll be there to document it all while letting you focus on your authentic experience. Enough about me! Let's talk about you!

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