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A Guide for the Couples of These Forever Moments



My goal as your wedding photographer or videographer is to make this aspect of the planning process simple. Not only do you deserve a beautiful outcome, you also deserve an amazing experience. The goal of this guide is to help you plan your wedding day in a way that will allow me to provide you with the BEST experience possible. I’m beyond excited to be working with you and I cannot wait to get to know you two during this planning phase.  From my family to  yours, Welcome! It’s an honor to be your wedding photographer/videographer! 

Engagemen Session


Now that you have picked a date, your venue and your photographer/videographer, you can celebrate! Those are some of the toughest decisions in wedding planning and you can cross them off your list! Now on to the fun stuff... like your Engagement (also referred to as a Save the Date or Adventure) Session! During your Engagement session, you’ll have the chance to get to know me, experience how I shoot and how I handle posing and lighting. It allows me to learn how you two interact, what your best poses are and how to capture you in a genuine way! 

Your Engagement session can be scheduled anytime before your wedding day. I do suggest booking it at least 6 months in advance to avoid stress. Because my weekends are filled with weddings and family, I shoot Engagement Sessions on weekday evenings, normally from 5-7pm depending on the light and the time of the year. As you start to plan for your Engagement Session, you will need to start brainstorming about location ideas. I LOVE it when couples pick a location that is special or sentimental to them in some way! If you can’t think of anywhere specific that you would like to shoot, I can help you decide on a location.  As long as the light is great, I can make just about any location look awesome! Do not shy away from crazy ideas! The more creative, the better! 

If your package includes an Engagement Session you will also receive an extra guide regarding location suggestions and advanced tips on how to choose your attire!


Winter weddings are gorgeous! However, they do take some additional planning simply because of the sunset time. The hard part about a winter timeline is the fact that the sun sets around 4pm. This means that all of your portraits have to be done before then! 

Spring weddings are wonderful because they are the perfect temperature! However, I recommend having plenty of allergy meds on hand just in case allergies start to flare up during portrait time. Spring weddings normally mean the potential for some blooms! If we happen to find any type of blooming tree or plant, it will be worth it to give us a few minutes for some images with it! You’ll love the result!

Summer weddings are amazing! I love that there is so much daylight! In some months, the light will last until 8:30pm! So, if you’re having a summer wedding, you’ll need to plan on having a few minutes to slip out of the reception for your sunset session! You will NOT regret this! This is the absolute best light of the day and you’re going to want to have imagery during this time period. Usually this happens during dinner or open dancing so that no one even notices that you’re gone for a few minutes!

Fall weddings are my favorite! I love the temperature and the colors! Most of my fall brides worry about color, and I just want to encourage you that all I need is one tree with some color in order to make it look like fall! A little bit of color can go a long way!!
Your couples session time will vary depending on your wedding date. We’ll be sure to discuss this when we approve your final timeline!



One of the questions that I receive during wedding season is “Soooo, what do we do if it RAINS?!”. I want to reassure you that even if it rains, you will still have beautiful imagery! Overcast skies mean vibrant colors! I know that rain isn’t ideal, and no one would wish for rain on their big day, but if it happens, it happens..... and it’s going to be JUST fine!! I actually got married underneath the torrential rain of a Tropical Storm, and some of our best weddings moments were in the rain! Here are a few things to remember:

1. All I need to create natural light portraits on a rainy wedding day is a porch! Just one overhang!
2. Let me worry about the photos/video. You have enough to think about. If there is a chance of rain, I’ll be sure to do some extra scouting to find a covered location or two, for us to use for you first look and couples session.
3. Take it one step at a time. Don’t spend your day thinking about what will happen if it rains. That will only overwhelm you! Definitely have a rain plan for your venue, but then let your vendors do the work of handling the rest of the day if rain is in the forecast. TFM will bring camera rain gear and even an extra clear umbrella if you need it!

Don’t let the fear of rain steal your joy. You can’t control it, and I promise we will make the best of it!!!

2nd Shooter


If you added a 2nd photographer or videographer to your TFM package:

Awesome choice! This will allow us more flexibility, complexity, and creativity. I 
love being able to get 2nd angles, backups, and even more behind the scenes moments for you. My team will stick together throughout the day in order to achieve a more dynamic film for you for video and for photography it gives us secondary angles of important moments as well as additional opportunities to capture candids. When things are fast pace and only happening once, it is helpful to have 2 people covering the same events (giving us different angles/viewpoints which give us more editing options that elevate your imagery). Twice the creativity!

Important People


Your most important people, immediate family and friends, cannot be featured if they are not present during important moments. Please plan your timeline accordingly and notify your VIPs about the events you would like them to be present for, ahead of time. With so many moving parts on a wedding day, there is rarely extra time to track people down, but a wedding planner is a fantastic asset to have for this and so many other reasons! Additionally, if anyone is camera shy, they will not be followed or harassed in order to be captured. I do not want to make people feel uncomfortable, so I only capture those who are willing. The VIPs who are there during the more public parts of the day, are much more likely to be depicted in your imagery.

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If you’re a bride that is a little anxious about how your groom is going to react to this whole “camera” thing, you’re not alone. One of the biggest worries for brides during our initial consult is the concern that their groom won’t be into it but I have great news for you... you are both are more camera ready than you think! I like discovering your hidden modeling skills and my most common response from my TFM Grooms is, “That wasn’t so bad!”  I want you to have fun and be relaxed, not forced or awkward. As you prepare for your wedding day, there are a few things that you can do to help your groom know what to expect. First of all, I highly recommend sitting down with your guy and showing him 2-3 of your favorite videos/photos that I have created. This will allow him to gauge what his expectations should be.  Next, remember to have patience with him. I think you’ll be surprised how much you will both enjoy this process if your intentions are genuine! 

Early Day


This portion of The Wedding Experience really sets the stage for the entire wedding day. The next few sections will share tips and tricks that will ensure a seamless morning of preparation and beautiful imagery!


It’s the morning of your wedding! Hopefully all of the little details are taken care of and you’re relaxing with your best friends while your hair is being done. If certain items haven’t been checked off of the to-do list, it’s time to hand them over to someone else. Delegation is a key part of a stress-free wedding day. I know it’s hard to hand over all of the last minute things that need to be done, but it really is important to relax the morning of your wedding. The rest of the day is going to be fast paced and filled with a lot of emotions! Take advantage of this down time! There are a few things to consider about the “getting ready” portion of the day. Do you want to share a “first look” with your dad or any other person who plays a huge role in your life? Will you and your groom be exchanging notes during this time? Are there certain people in your life who would appreciate seeing you get into your gown? Some brides want very few people around for this moment; other brides love having aunts and grandmas present! It’s up to you! 

A few other things to consider... as you get ready to put your dress on, refrain from putting any jewelry on. I love shooting all of those final steps once you’re in your gown! Speaking of the gown, if your gown is on a plastic hanger, try to make a note to bring a wooden hanger along for video/photo sake.                          
Last, and perhaps the most important for videography, please have music turned off while this portion of your day is being fimed so that we can ensure that spontaneous audio moments can be captured.