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Save the Date / Engagement Film  |  700
What's a better way to tell your loved ones to save the date or to get excited for your wedding than with your own movie? 1 hour weekday evening session and edited video included. Digital delivery. Travel fees may apply.

Adventure Excursion Session  |  500
Let's go exploring! Footage from this session will be integrated into your wedding highlight film to assist in telling your love story. 2 hour weekday evening session included. Travel fees may apply.

Full Presentation of Scheduled Speeches  |  600
Relive the speeches from your reception in a multi-camera edit.

Full Presentation of Ceremony  |  600
Relive your full ceremony in a multi-camera edit.

Additional Hour of Coverage  |  300
Extra time with Kristen to ensure everything is captured on your wedding day. This makes a great option so you can customize any collection to your day.

Additional Videographer  |  700
A 2nd set of eyes and hands to capture your day.

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage  |  1000
I film for 2 hours during your rehearsal dinner to capture the ambiance and toasts from the evening and use the footage as part of your wedding film. Additionally, I will deliver a separate video containing any speeches from the evening. Date availability must be approved in advance. Travel fees may apply.

Gift Box Delivery  |  250
All films are delivered digitally. If you are someone who likes a tangible way to store your films, this is for you! Your final film will be mailed to you on a custom USB and paired with a few curated gifts to complete your wedding experience.

Home Footage Reel  |  700
The culled footage from your day will be placed on one timeline and exported into an easier to view video file for you to replay. Not every scene will be depicted (only usable moments) and imaging will reflect more of a home footage feel with longer moments from your day shown vs. what is shown during your highlight film. Clips are not polished or fully edited. A basic LUT will be applied to the entire timeline but not individually color corrected. This must be purchased before editing begins or an additional $199 post wedding fee with be added.

Documentary Film  |  1600
Approximately 20 minutes in length, this is the footage from your wedding day edited together into a longer watchable format. I like to describe this as a style similar to a nice home video as the scenes will be depicted naturally and in chronological order with lengthier moments being shown during the first look, first dances, guest dancing, and many others.. Color corrections, audio adjustments, and other corrections will all still be made for this edit to give it a polished look. Portions of the toasts and ceremony will be used but they will not be edited in their entirety. This is not a cinematic edit, rather a candid replay of your day set to the natural audio.

1 Minute Highlight Add-on  |  400
Extend a highlight film by approximately 1 minute. 

Trailer Edit (for Instagram / Facebook)  |  500
A dreamy 1 minute cinematic teaser of your wedding film. A great addition to your full length highlight edit and viewable online within 2 weeks of your wedding date. Share an amazing preview of your wedding while I work magic on the full length film!

Day of Event Preview Edit
(Same Day Edit)  |  950

A preview edit completed the day of your wedding! If applicable to your timeline, it can be display at the reception!

RAW Footage  |  800
These are all of the video files from your day. The audio and footage in each file is straight from the camera and completely unedited. There will likely be well over 100 separate files but the quantity will depend on the filming style used as well as other factors such as your timeline and events. Scenes in these files will appear very differently than the clips shown in your edits, where there was extensive editing in the color, audio, and overall appearance. Nothing in these files will be altered from their original state.

Need something else?
Contact me for other additional requests.