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Don't underestimate this decision. The videographer you choose will be be one of the few people next to you during your entire wedding day. I want to give you the most personal experience you could hope for. That’s why it’s so important to me that we both feel like we are a match for each other. The best collaborations come from adventurous couples who aren’t afraid to step out of the box with creative ideas, an open mind, a loving heart, and a warm personality. 

I believe the best wedding films tell a story by showing the full day’s excitement and raw emotion. My goal is to stay behind the lens as much as possible during your big day to capture the pure love, joy, tears, laughter, jokes, celebrations, and candid moments as they happen. I like to record the sweet nothings that are exchanged, the sounds, the feelings...  all of the moments and emotions that should live on forever.


It would be an honor for me to film this season of love and new beginnings for you.


Dream career.

I have to pinch myself when I realize that the films I create are going to outlast me! How crazy is it to know that your wedding film will outlive you too!? When piecing your heirloom together, I put story first because I know that these moments are major. 

My own love story is a whirlwind. My husband and I were engaged and purchased a home together after 6 months of meeting. By 12 months, we were married on a beach in Mexico under the downpour of a tropical storm. Around 2 years  after being introduced, we welcomed our son into the family. It was fast and perfect for us. 


I grew up chasing the arts. Painting, designing, architecture, graphics, interiors, it's all my jam. Which is why it sort of doesn't make sense that in college I studied business management at Mizzou. After my degree, I eventually decided to get honest with myself and I went back to school for another year and a half for post graduation classes in photography and the arts. By some miracle when I randomly stumbled into wedding videography... everything clicked and I knew I had FINALLY figured out my career. I went all in without hesitation.


My husband and I didn’t hire a videographer for our wedding and I regret it so much. But, at least now, I get to live vicariously through my clients while also getting never ending invitations to weddings... It’s perfect! 

Documenting weddings is literally, in the most cliché way, my dream career.

(Also, I get nervous being in front of the camera, so... if you are a little iffy about that too, I've got you.)



Hey Dream Couple! Is that you?!

1. Getting a personal wedding video is one of the top items on your list.

2. You want to relive your wedding in a way that gives your story, personality, and relationship justice.

3. You see the value in knowing who will actually be there to film your day (instead of being randomly assigned to a stranger at a company who doesn't know you).

Your Memories - And so much More.

Your wedding video is more than just a snapshot in time. So much more. 

My favorites are couples who want to encapsulate their love story vulnerably; couples that love adventure, authenticity, and experiences. Wedding videography is a unique gift that allows you to see your own love through a different set of eyes. I hope I'm the artist for you.



This process is all about individualization and showing your real personality instead of controlling your every pose. You deserve a natural, fun, and easy going wedding day. 



Your film will be unique because it will include your own audio to create a personal narrative.

Audio transforms your video into a sentimental story that has meaning. 

TFM believes in story 1st. What makes you unique? What makes you different? Let's highlight the special. Let's feature your genuine story



I like knowing the real you so that you can become extremely comfortable with me being by your side on your wedding day. Who wants a stranger hanging out with them all day? Who wants to open up to someone who is just there for a paycheck? How will you get a genuine meaningful film if you can't be yourself? Here, I am with you from start to finish to create something epic for you.


I am passionate about my work. You are more than just a number to me,  which is why I keep it at one wedding per week (covid-19 may impact this policy). No secondary team for "lesser weddings." No back to back wedding days. Yeah I know... this isn't standard in the industry, but I want each wedding to be the best. So I focus on you and don't overextend myself for the dollar signs.

Audio that moves.

Storytelling that represents you.

Quality over quantity.

Films that inspire.

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